Ric Flair and His Wrestling Career

11 Mar

Richard Morgan Flier also known as Ric Flair was born in February 1949. He is widely referred to the greatest professional wrestler of all time as well as one of the finest performer in America of the 1980s. He worked as a professional wrestler, signed by the WWE working under the Legends program. He is also worked by managing other wrestlers. His career spanned for 40 years.
Between the years 1972-1974 he was a trained professional wrestler with the Verne Gagne. He worked with the American wrestling association (AWA). During this time he went on matches with some of the top wrestlers like George (Scrap Iron}, Andre the giant, and Chris Taylor among others.

He also competed in Japan in 1973-2013. This was as a results of an agreement between the AWA promoter that worked with Flair Verne Gargne and the IWE. While in Japan he got into many challenges which he won some and lost others. In 1978 he challenges the NWA but he did not win. However, throughout the 1980s he defended the NWA World Heavyweight championship. In 1985 he defended the NWA Heavy weight championship he also tried to challenge the AWA world heavy championship which went in a double cutout.

In 1980s all of the Japan wrestlers started to withdraw from the NWA and this was when the World Championship Wrestling starting signing with the Japan Wrestling pros.!989 Flair started to fight for the WCW. In 1991 Flair defended the NWA as well as challenges for the IWGP heavy weight championship in a double match of the WCW and New Japan Super show.

Later Flair left for the WCW for the World Wrestling association (WWF) in 1991. However he still got on with his tours in Japan in the super World Sports (SWS). In 1992 he defended and retained the WWF world heavy weight Championship in a match that was draw. Also visit natureboyricflair.com.

Over the years Flair fought many fight some which he won and other he lost. He was popular with the crowd due to the antics that he did in the ring. He was also know to break the rules and this is what gave him the title of the dirtiest player. He fought with some of the greatest legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin. He retired in 2008 and had a great party. But in 2009 he got back to the ring and most people termed this as something that was taiting the legacy while others terms it as passion and the need to earn a living.

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